What is Open Data?

Open Data or the Opening of Public Sector Information is a movement promoted by public administrations with the main aim of making the most of the public resources available, disclosing the information generated or held by public bodies and allowing access and reuse thereof for the common good and for the benefit of interested persons and entities. (Source: Barcelona City Council)

Energy consumption data for Girona municipalities

The Girona Provincial Council publishes open data archives on energy consumption in the Girona municipalities that applied for this through the Services Plan for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies and for the Promotion of Forest Biomass in the Girona Regions.

This is public data, which is permitted for reuse by third parties, with the aim of promoting the use of information disclosed by the administrations. The data in question corresponds to energy consumption by the councils in the Girona regions, expressed in
kWh based on the type of energy and organised by the following types: public education buildings, public administration buildings, public healthcare buildings, public sports buildings, libraries, other buildings, other municipal facilities and public lighting.


Energy consumption by the councils in the Girona regions

Energy consumption by the municipalities of the Girona regions

Inventory of emissions in the Girona regions


ALEO (Osona Local Energy Agency)

Carrer de l’Historiador Ramon d’Abadal i de Vinyals, 5, 3a planta | Edifici el Sucre 08500 Vic| Tel. (+34) 938 832 212 i (+34) 938 895 632  | informa@ccosona.cat

Agència Comarcal de l’Energia i Clima - Consell Comarcal de l'Alt Empordà

C/ Sant Llatzer, 21 | 17600 Figueres | Tel. 972.503.088 ext. 408 i 412 | mfrigola@altemporda.cat, vtorres@altemporda.cat

Baix Empordà Regional Council

C/ Tarongers, núm. 12 (Can Salamó) | 17100 la Bisbal d’Empordà – Girona | Tel. (+34) 972 642 310 | consell@baixemporda.cat

Ripollès Info-Energy Service

C/ Joan Miró 2-4 Polígon Industrial Els Pintors | 17500 Ripoll | Tel. (+34) 972 70 44 99

Agència Comarcal de l’Energia i Clima - Consell Comarcal de la Selva


Energy Management Service - Consell Comarcal del Gironès

Tel. (+34) 972 21 32 62 | energia@girones.cat

Participating cities
110 Cities
Reduced emissions
6.037,23 tn CO₂
Energy saving
8,23 Gwh/year
Investment allocated
20,30 M€