Role Play among financial entities and promoters of sustainable energy projects

The ENERINVEST Platform organizes this webinar proposed as a group dynamic session or roleplay, in which provide financial solutions to real live projects will be provided.

After a first part where public and private agents will have time to present real cases of sustainable energy projects funding-seeking, the ENERINVEST project coordinator will draw conclusions in a summary of their initiatives.

A financial analysts group and investment entities representatives will analyze their situations, proposing alternatives to undertake a business model that will enable financing of the exposed projects.

At the end of the session there will be time for a debate and for answering questions raised during the dynamic.
PART 1 – finance-seeking projects presentation
PART 2 – Submitted projects summary
PART 3 – Solutions: available financial instruments
PART 4- Interactive discussion between attendees and speakers

Target public: promoters of projects and financial entities, extending to all those agents working in sectors related to energy from renewable sources and managed efficiently