Beenergi offers a free twinning programme for European organisations that want to apply the Beenergi model in their areas. The Beenergi programme provides technical and legal support for organisations interested in carrying out any of the following activities:

  • Investing in sustainable energy using new innovative organisational models: pooling investment in sustainable energy into packs that can be financed more easily and simplifying the legal and technical aspects of administrative procedures.
  • Defining and promoting a new financing system: conducting feasibility studies af new financing shcemes in the province of Girona through contracts with energy service companies (ESCO) and micro energy service companies (MESCO) that pool small and medium investments in different municipalities in Girona.
  • Training small and medium-sized companies (SME) in the region to build their capacity to act as MESCO.
  • Publishing information on energy consumption in open data format.

Specific Committees

Beenergi in Europe

Presentation of Beenergi in Nuoro (Sardinia)
Beenergi programme
Presentation in a webinar with EnerAgen: Asociación de Agencias Españolas de Gestión de la Energía
Beenergi programme
‘Exchange of experiences between projects’ webinar with Città Metropolitana di Torino
Beenergi programme
Participation in the II Congress of energy efficiency and sustainability in the tourism sector, CCIB, Barcelona
Beenergi programme
Presentation of Beenergi Info Day in Madrid - CDTI
Beenergi programme

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Organisations advised

European Advisory Board

José Luis Navarro
Agencia Extremeña de la Energía (AGENEX)
Dionís Guiteras
Diputació de Barcelona
Ignacio Caraballo Romero
Diputación de Huelva
Julije Domac
North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency
Giancarlo Moca
Provincia di Chieti
Participating cities
76 Cities
Reduced emissions
350 tn CO₂
Energy saving
0,187 Gwh/year
Investment allocated
2.59 M€