Mixed contract of supply, work and services for sporadic joint contracting of a biomass and micro-run boiler in buildings owned by the municipalities of Aiguaviva, Sant Julià del Llor and Bonmatí, Caldes de Malavella, Darnius, Figueres , Mieres and Vilademuls, beneficiaries of the grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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Description of the benefit:
The object of the contract is the installation and supply of a biomass and micro-boiler in municipal buildings owned by a group of seven participating city councils, through a comprehensive and integrated action that also includes energy supply thermal, preventive maintenance and corrective of the new installation and the energetic management of the buildings. The global and integrated operation object of this contract includes the following benefits:

Provision P1_ Thermal energy management and energy management

P1a: Supply of thermal energy from the corresponding fuels and management of the supply of fuels to feed the thermal installations of the buildings included in the scope of this tender, quality control, quantity, use, and provisioning guarantees for the biomass boiler.

P1b: Comprehensive energy management for the correct operation of the actions covered by the contract, with guaranteed savings of at least 10% electrical and 5% thermal power.

Provision 2_Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance to achieve the perfect operation and cleaning of all the installations with all its components.

Also, the regulatory and preventive maintenance of the non-renewable fuel boilers installed in each of the centers where thermal energy is supplied will be carried out so that they can be put into operation automatically in the event of failure of the biomass boiler.

Provision P3_ Corrective maintenance and total guarantee:

Repair with replacement of all deteriorated elements in the installations as regulated in the Technical specifications sheet under the total guarantee mode.

Provision P4_Obres of adaptation and renovation of the facilities and incorporation of renewable energy technology

Pressupost de licitació: 808.822,62 € sense IVA 978.675,37 € IVA inclòs (21,00%)

Durada del contracte: 5 anys

Àmbit geogràfic: Girona
Termini de presentació d’ofertes: 27/12/18 14:00 h
Valor estimat del contracte: 859.659,70 € sense IVA

Subhasta electrònica: No

Contracte harmonitzat: Sí

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